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 Counseling Specialties 


Are you suffering from uncontrollable thoughts and fears? Do you have trouble breathing and feel like you can't gain control? Do you feel like your mind and body are disconnected? If so, learning stress management tools including but not limited to mindfulness training, guided imagery, and new breathing techniques will help you to increase awareness in the present moment and quiet your thoughts. Learn more adaptive ways of thinking, feeling, and being to increase your resilience and response to stress.

Depression and Mood Disorders

Whether you are seeking counseling for a diagnosed mood disorder or struggling with symptoms of depression, counseling can be the additional support needed. From feelings about yourself to your career, relationships, parenting issues and future life plans, struggles from mood disorders alter your daily life in a very real way. You do not have to suffer in silence anymore. Break the cycle of depression  and learn how to better manage emotional pain. 

Chronic Health Issues

Chronic health conditions can disconnect you from your self and others and lead to severe emotional disturbances. Learn to live a life of meaning despite having chronic health issues by changing the way you relate to your illness.  Mindfulness exercises allow clients to slow down their minds, increase self compassion, and gain a sense of presence. Learning how to not judge or assess symptoms, but rather to  refocus attention, can in some cases actually lessen the impact of physical health symptoms. 

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